Into The Clouds

The storm rolls in, and with it, the walls of my world press in.  Blinded by the flurries, I panic. To get stuck and be isolated--these are what drive me to hold tight, white-knuckled, ignoring the voice of logic in it's mad plea to cease. I flip on the hazards, as though I believe my distress will excuse my ignorance, I proceed. I grow tense. I go faster, blindly entering  territories I am not qualified to navigate, I am out of control. I am thrown off the road in a skid, completely turned around. Buried. Deep....  Alone. 

Perspective. Seeing your world, THE world through a different window..the window of a God elevated above the situation..watching, knowing, moving. 

The perspective from above, flying high beneath the wings of an eagle...this perspective? Changes everything. Beautiful. Majestic. Peace-filled and calm. Everything in its place--the rivers the mountains--trees square around quaint communities.

These communities, surely bustling, many worlds feeling shaken, perhaps alone and invisible. But I see them. I am watching them as I wonder. Who lives there, and what is their story? Do they feel lost, as I? 

Though their roads feel rocky, I see....  Everything in it's place just so. And dozens of boxes in view of one tiny window....  So when we feel alone? 

Just know, that we are not.

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